Interior Garden Design Ideas

Spring has well and truly sprung, and with summer right around the corner, many of us are looking for ways to give our homes, offices and other interior spaces a touch of the outdoors. Adding indoor plants in a variety of forms and decorative modes, at different levels and sizes, and with a creative outlook on vase and potting options, bestows a refreshed, calm atmosphere to an interior area. Using a trained professional like A K Interiors is a cost effective way of tapping into a wide knowledge based of innovative ideas.

Ideas for a small-space, interior garden


1. The first, and most popular, interior garden design elements are mini indoor plants. Not only are these cute, and work well in numbers, but they are also relatively easy to maintain. You can put mini indoor plants just about anywhere in your house or office – from your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, to your office desk or balcony: they bestow a hint of nature and the outdoors to any inside area.

Mini plants are easy to acquire; they can usually be purchased from your local florist, hardware shop or sometimes, grocery or fruit and vegetables stores. It is also possible – though not as simple a process – to plant them yourself (this would be a great option for gardening aficionados).

2. Add dynamics to a bookshelf or square wall shelving in your office or study space with mini pot plants. For example, in square shelving units, break up spaces dense with books or paperwork by separating them with squares or shelves containing only a plant, or a plant positioned next to a photograph, candle or other decorative accoutrement.


3. Choose pots that have a rustic aesthetic, to compliment books and paperwork. If you prefer a neater, simpler look, use the same plant in each square/shelf, otherwise, mix it up a little and choose a few different plants that are different hues of green, and that grow to different sizes. I prefer plants that grow and fill the space; for example – when combined with a white shelving unit – a few Pothos plants in sleek, white vases helps fill out empty shelving spaces. They add luscious greenery with their trailing stems that can be cut according to your preferences. I also love this plant as it easy to care for, is able to survive in a range of lighting conditions, and even absorbs pollution in the air – making for a cleaner indoor living space!


4. For those of you looking to utilise your indoor garden design to not only add vibrancy to your home, but to also compliment your cooking, there are a few options for growing herbs or vegetables, whilst keeping your kitchen neat. After all, what’s better than being able to brag to guests complimenting your home-cooked dinner, by mentioning that the coriander and parsley were fresh picked from your own indoor garden that morning? If you’re feeling creative, a fun trick is to use cleaned out egg shells – with just the top third or so removed – as a pot for growing herbs. If you have kids, this could make for a fun Sunday DIY project; get them to stick on eyes, or even paint the shells. You’ll have multiple eggshell masterpieces, with cool herb-hairdos, in no time!

5. Sticking to the theme of recycling, using old glass bottles to create a rustic feel will provide you with another DIY home project that – albeit is a little more time-consuming to make – will be ultimately rewarding, as a simple self-watering system can be put in place here. Using the top third of the bottle, turned upside down (the part with the bottleneck), thread a piece of string tied to a piece of mesh through the neck, while the mesh sits above the neck on the ‘shoulders’. Plant or transplant your herbs and soil into the top of the bottom (the mesh will act as a barrier). Then place this neck into the other part of the cut bottle, which will be filled with water. And there you have it – your own, charming, mini ecosystem that are no fuss, adds a decorative touch to your kitchen, and will, hopefully, bloom tasty herbs to enhance your cooking!

There are plenty more tricks and tips available both online and in lifestyle magazines for transforming an interior space into a serene indoor garden but to truly mould these into a cohesive plan needs careful eye. A K Interiors should be your first point of call. Make your interior garden design flourish, compliment it with a tasteful and fashionable home interior design. Check out some of the examples of Amgad Kamel Interiors’ tasteful home interior designs at





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