Interior Decoration Made Simple For Holidays

When giving someone a gift on their birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, or on another special, event, we seem to put as much thought and effort into the packaging and presentation as we do the gift itself. Most gift-shops and department stores offer gift-wrapping services, with fancy boxes, tissue paper, colourful and curly ribbons, and perfectly wrapped paper among the choices of ways to enhance the aesthetic of that gift. So why is it that we go that step further, and accoutre perfume-filled boxes or sock packets in masses of material that will inevitably end up in the bin with half-eaten pieces of birthday cake?

It’s the same question we can put to the ways we decorate our homes during special celebrations. We adorn our house’s facade with lights for neighbours to admire, put up variegated Christmas trees, finally lay out that special tablecloth and blow the dust of our best crockery.


Most of decorate our homes at times of celebration;  whether it be hosting a family member’s birthday party, a traditional wedding ceremony, Chinese New Year, during the Christmas period, the celebration of a new birth – there is just about something going on somewhere at any given moment! We go to this effort because most of us want the location in which we, our friends and family come together to celebrate to reflect the mood. With people laughing, music blasting, and piles of food, bottles of wine diminishing, and customs taking place, it would seem completely inappropriate to be situated in a drab, bare house.


Being in the midst of Hannukah, and with things like Christmas and New Years fast approaching, now seems like an especially pertinent time to think about interior design and decoration for celebration. Unfortunately, these big events are generally synonymous with stress, costliness and busyness, so here at AK Interiors we have provided some Interior Design tips in order to make the decorating process, at least, a little simpler.

1. Make the most of the potential places to hang ornaments and bling that already exist. One Christmas tree can only handle too many ornaments and fairy lights! Try bedazzling a statement chandelier, or dangling fairy lights across a mantel or down a staircase railing.


2. Sometimes, less is more. For more low-key events, or for a modern take on bigger festivities like Christmas, make the most of minimalistic style. A few gorgeous statement pieces in a consistent colour motif – for example, silvery, shiny adornments – will say more than a busy room that contains a blinding collision of colours and textures.


3. If you want to marry decorative tradition with a more modern, simple style, consider new ways to do old things. One example of this seen more and more every season in innovative takes on the Christmas tree. If you’re feeling creative, try making a tree (well, to be technical, an imitation of a tree) yourself. For those feeling a little less brave about their craft skills, a simple outline of a tree on a blank wall, made with either chalk or tape, can be effective way of maintaining the ritual without the hassle and space-consumption of an actual tree. You can even place a large bowl or straw basket beneath it for gifts. For those feeling a little more adventurous, try creating a “string art Christmas tree” innovated by Erin Michael (check it out at ).

For more information on interior decoration ideas or for inspiration from a Sydney Interior Designer on interior decoration in general, head to the Amgad Kamel Interiors website, and begin your home transformation today!

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