Broughton House City Pad

This one bedroom apartment within iconic heritage early 1900 building in Sydney CBD speaks luxury, sophistication and bright vibrant masculine palette of contemporary interior. Bespoke finishes integrated the client’s extensive art collection and the wow impact brief resulting in a grand spacious living environment complementing original features of the apartment.


The finished design aimed to deliver a contemporary interior that is decorative and a living environment that reflects the client life style and love of traveling and entertaining. The use of recycled floor covering, energy efficient lighting and upholstered wall panels contributed a healthy sustainable interior with long-term durability.

The client extensive art collection by Bromley, Dickerson and David Boyd set the bar for a contemporary luxury interior with layers of elegance and sophistication. Bespoke furniture pieces were selected and designed to stand as individual pieces and to form a successful marriage with all other soft furnishing elements, textures and finishes.

Amgad said,”In my opinion placing all these elements together has given the space a ‘no design’ period instead creating a design that can see contemporary today and in 20 years will still sit perfectly no matter how contemporary design will change.”


The client brief of (wow) interiors reflecting luxury and bright vibrant interiors directed the design concept to place emphasis on each item placed in the space. The two bedrooms apartment was converted to a one-bedroom apartment creating a spacious inviting entry and a dining space joined with the living area. Open living space with perfect proportion to the ceiling height and the scale of the existing windows allowing a vast amount of natural light through the whole space was created.

Recycled oak timber boards throughout the apartment replaced the existing tiled floor. Prefinished Japanese black stain was used to form a balanced contrast against the vivid white walls and trimmings. Laying the timber using a herringbone pattern achieved a design impact and made the space visually larger. Textured grass wall paper, silk fabric wall panels, timber wall panels and white painted walls worked perfectly as a the back drop for the vibrant blues, gold and white soft furnishing.


The furniture color palette of dark chocolate, black gloss and inlayed designs delivered the touch of glamour and luxury required for the space. Stand out upholstered furniture pieces added the punch of color required to complete the design.

Broughton House City Pad is one of a series of articles discussing the basic brief and notes made by Amgad Kamel from AK Interiors. You may contact AK Interiors at 9629 7815.

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